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In 1729 a Venetian edition was published by the Javarina Press in folio. In 1834 Immanuel Bekker published the Bonn edition in the series Corpus scriptorum historiae byzantinae. To this edition an old, anonymous Italian translation which continues where the Greek text leaves off has been added. This fact has caused some to believe that the translation 40 Introduction was made from a more complete codex, of which the last page may have been lost. It seems more likely that the translator may have simply borrowed from another source in order to supplement the account of the siege of Mitylene in 1462.

This Moses flourished in the time of Inachos [son of Oceanus and King of Argos] who was the first [Greek] to reign. Thus the Jews are more ancient than the Greeks. 4. Remaining in the wilderness forty years they were governed for twenty-five years by Joshua, son of Nun, and by the Judges for 454 years to the reign of Saul, the first king installed by them. During the first year of his reign the great David was born. Thus from Abraham to David fourteen generations are numbered for a total of 1024 years.

If Doukas' grandfather had forsaken Byzantium to take up residence in Ephesus as a sinecure of the emir of Aydin, considering his place of refuge as his fatherland (V 5), the historian was in the hire of Genoese magistrates undertaking the composition of letters aimed at supporting the Ottoman cause against Byzantine interests. Consequently, he was unable to sympathize with the religious sentiments of his fellow Greeks who refused to compromise their faith and forget the lessons of recent history in order to secure military assistance from suspect and untrustworthy Westerners.

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