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By Alison Stenning, Adrian Smith, Alena Rochovská, Dariusz Świątek

In accordance with in-depth learn in Poland and Slovakia, Domesticating Neo-Liberalism addresses how we comprehend the methods of neo-liberalization in post-socialist towns.

  • Builds upon an enormous quantity of latest study information
  • Examines how families attempt to maintain their livelihoods at rather dramatic and hard instances of city transformation
  • Provides a massive contribution to how we theorize the geographies of neo-liberalism
  • Offers a end which informs discussions of social coverage inside ecu Union expansion

Chapter One Domesticating Neo?Liberalism and the areas of Post?Socialism (pages 1–32):
Chapter Neo?Liberalism and Post?Socialist modifications (pages 33–57):
Chapter 3 Domesticating Economies: diversified fiscal Practices, families and Social replica (pages 58–80):
Chapter 4 paintings: Employment, Unemployment and the Negotiation of Labour Markets (pages 81–111):
Chapter 5 Housing: Markets, resources and Social copy (pages 112–143):
Chapter Six Land and nutrition: creation, intake and rest (pages 144–174):
Chapter Seven Care: relatives, Social Networks and the kingdom (pages 175–218):
Chapter 8 Conclusions (pages 219–237):

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2005: 46) argue: there were few people in Poland at the beginning of transition who were able to go beyond sweeping slogans concerning a “Third Way”, a “socialist (or social) market economy” or a labor-managed economy and formulate a consistent and detailed reform package which could have served as an alternative to the Balcerowicz team’s program. For Kochanowicz (1997), there were a number of key ingredients that led to the dominance of Balcerowicz’s ideas over others. The vision of the young Polish liberal economists and their preparedness for regime change was critical.

It does, nevertheless, have reasonable access to hypermarkets and good links to Kraków city centre. 8). The neighbourhood is seen as relatively affluent, with a good physical location (it is located on a hill and the old town of Kraków is visible from most of the flats) and ‘desirable’ in the housing market. Flats are generally larger than those in some of the other districts, comprising three or four rooms. 8 Osiedle Os´wiecenia, Nowa Huta Kraków’s major retail/leisure developments comprising a Geant, Obi, a multiplex cinema and an aqua-park.

6). The absence of localized population census data for Nowa Huta limits the ability to make similar comparisons with the wider population, but given that the same sampling strategy was undertaken in both housing districts, the sampled population is likely to be broadly similar to the total population of each area. The questionnaires explored a wide range of economic practices and resulted in a body of empirical material which covers, amongst other issues, household incomes and expenditures, housing, employment, care work and consumption.

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