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2. Once the Serbs had become tributaries of the Turks in this manner, Bayazid assembled the entire cavalry of the Thracian and Theçsalian forces and went to the coast leading to the eastern provinces. '~'Traversing Phrygia and marching from Laodicea to Ephesus, Bayazid became master of Ionia. Seizing ha, Aydin's grandson, the ruler of Ionia, he exiled him to Nicaea in Bithynia, and there he spent 62 Decline and Fall ofByzantium the remainder of his life. Bayazid transported his entire force over the Maeander, and after he had boldly taken ail of Cana and Lycia, Ilyas, the ruler of these provinces, fled t o the Persians.

After being imprisoned for two years, they managed to escape from the tower with the assistance of the Latins of Galata. The Genoese welcomed Andronikos and, using him for an excuse, began to wage war against the Constantinopolitans. 63 He imprisoned his father and his brothers, Manuel and Theodore, in the tower, using it as another Tartarus like that in which Zeus had held captive his father Kronos and his brothers, Pluto and Poseidon,64 and he usurped the throne. 4. They also spent two years in the tower and then escaped with the cooperation of an accursed wretch whose name was Angelos and surname Diavolos; by combining the name with the surname he was called Diavolangelos.

Since he now held practically all the lands of the Romans, he advanced to the Triballi [Serbs]. l7 He destroyed many of their fortresses and towns and took their inhabitants captive; he then transported them to the Asiatic shore over t h e straits of the Chersonese. When Lazar, the son of Stefan, kral of Serbia,18 and himself kral of Serbia at that time, 60 Decline and Fall of Byzantium beheld these things, he assembled all his forces and joined battle with the tyrant; many fell on both sides [15 June 13891.

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