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A set of the pioneering paintings from The Centre for modern Cultural experiences.

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More generally, the 30 INTRODUCTION articulation between gender and class relations is now a consistent theme in all the Centre’s present work. The different areas of concrete research have also retained distinct methodological emphases: in some, the emphases on ethnographic field work and interviewing; in some, the centrality of texts and discourse and the practices of representation; in some, the difficult methodological moves entailed in moving from formal ideologies to their ‘lived’ historical implementation—their implementation, in particular, in institutional practices and policies; in some, the appropriation of historical methods of research on archives, documentary and other sources.

74 In polemical fashion, Lévi-Strauss privileged the synchronic level of analysis over the diachronic—an anti-historical inversion with which, from the outset, we were far from happy. For, while it powerfully moved the level of analysis back to that of ‘system’ and ‘structure’, this was at the cost (never fully reckoned with by its devotees) of reconstituting some of the fundamental positions of structuralfunctionalism (for example, society as a ‘system of systems’) which earlier positions had correctly contested.

Collective writing rarely has the force and concision of a comparable individual piece of work: it tends to be more loosely organized and to lack a certain intellectual density. We claim, however, at least to know something of, and to have explored some of the problems consequent on, trying to develop new forms of collective intellectual practice. We know something of what this means as a practical condition of intellectual work. In this sense, we feel we have begun to anticipate some of the difficulties not of the past but of the future.

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