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By C. Kay Weaver, Cynthia Carter

This advent to present puzzling over media violence and its power impact on audiences adopts a clean standpoint at the media results debate. The authors argue that the day-by-day repetition of media violence is helping to normalise and legitimise the acts being portrayed.

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While finding that the internet can operate as a forum through which hate crimes are encouraged, the authors are nevertheless unable to verify the extent to which such encouragement has led to the actual perpetration of racist hate crimes. When the issue of media violence is debated in public, there is a tendency for participants to fall into the polemical and fundamentally opposed positions of those who favour the psychological behavioural science arguments outlined above or those who advocate sociological, media and cultural studies approaches.

The subject was then escorted to one corner of the room and seated at a small table which contained potato prints, multicolor picture stickers, and colored paper. After demonstrating how the subject could design pictures with the materials provided, the experimenter escorted the model to the opposite corner of the room which contained a small table and chair, a tinker toy set, a mallet, and a 5-foot inflated Bobo doll. The experimenter explained that this was the model’s play area and after the model was seated, the experimenter left the experimental room.

3 The Reader begins in Part I, ‘Conceptual approaches to media violence’, with essays representing some of the leading communication models that have been developed to research and theorize media violence. As such, it provides a historical and contextual understanding of the development of the field of Western media violence research. The first chapter, Albert Bandura, Dorothea Ross and Sheila A. Ross’s ‘Imitation of film-mediated aggressive models’ is widely regarded as one of the classic media effects studies in this field (sometimes referred to as the ‘Bobo doll’ experiment).

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