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By Robert C. Smith

Systematically illustrates the inescapable racism of yankee conservatism.

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66 Slavery is justified in this instance because the enslaved persons themselves have violated the natural rights of other persons. This so-called just-war theory was obviously irrelevant to the enslavement of Africans in the Americas, since if anything they were the innocents, and if they had it within their power they could have justly enslaved Locke and all the others who engaged in the wars of aggression that resulted in the capture and enslavement of innocent African men, women, and children.

Mannheim contends that philosophical conservatism of the Burkean variant must reject philosophical liberalism with respect to both its method of reasoning and its conclusions. Its method of reasoning is rejected because it is 18 Conservatism and Racism, and Why in America They Are the Same abstract and rational, and its conclusions are rejected because the government is understood as an evolved institution rather than a rationally planned or created one. 15 Philosophical conservatism is thus more comfortable with the understanding of the origins and purposes of the state developed by the “ancients,” with their concern about justice and virtue rather than the vindication of individual natural rights.

How is this objective attained? The principal means is through the separation of powers. It was not, however, the mere separation of the government into four distinct parts (including the two parts of the Congress) but also the fact that the people were allowed to directly elect only one of the four parts—the House of Representatives—arguably the least powerful of the four. The second means that accomplishes this objective is federalism. The major powers of the federal government were limited to regulating commerce and the currency, conducting diplomacy, and waging war.

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