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On the contrary, they would argue that only one type of political system can be legitimate, given that only Option 3 is tenable - namely, an individualistic form of market democracy. Individuals must be allowed to pursue what each of them considers to be the best way to live, provided that does not obstruct others from their own pursuit. To ensure that this happens, all would, out of their own self-interest, support a government that is removable by them if it fails to act in their interests. Such a government would have no authority except what is vested in it by individuals, and would have no remit except for the protection of the coincidence of individuals' interests.

Chapter 7 focuses on action through the business sector, where considerable reforms should and could be carried out if citizens, in their capacity as managers, workers, investors and consumers, work to a common agenda for change. In addition to what can be done through the state and business sectors, Chapter 8 examines how the politics of building inclusive communities is also to be carried forward in the third sector of voluntary and community action. Chapter 9 will deal with criticisms of communitarianism as a general theory, and its strengths and weaknesses as a social and political theory will be assessed.

Panitch, 1986, p. 92) Panitch's admonition to his fellow socialists has been echoed by David Osborne who, far from using socialist ideas as his starting point, has been highly influential in advocating government reforms Re-mapping the Ideological Battleground 39 in America. According to Osborne, while Washington is still caught up in a futile debate about 'more' or 'less' government, government institutions at both state and local level are already creating a third way which combines the activism of the Democrats with the Republican aversion to big government (Osborne, 1992).

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