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Czechoslovakia deliberately avoided the scale of Western indebted­ ness that others accumulated in the 1 9 70s and could conceivably get enabling Western loans fairly easily now, except that that would run counter to its generally hardline policy. Official appeals to better disciplines at work, associated with Obzina, the Minister of the Interior who was elevated to a Vice-premiership in 1 9 84, have not had much success in a country where the second economy has become a necessity rather than a lUxury and therefore takes precedence in popular priorities.

Hungary's experience in the 1 950s and Czechoslovakia's in the 1 960s had ' reinforced the new states' suspicion of the appropriateness of the Soviet economic model to Afro-Asian conditions and of the wisdom of too great a reliance on Soviet support. Now, in 1 98 1 , the Soviet Union had been over­ whelmingly condemned by the United Nations for its socialist inter­ vention in Afghanistan. - TOWARDS GORBACHEV 45 about Gierek's failure and the subsequent Soviet hostily to Solidarity would hardly be good copy for advertising.

Havasi, 'Economic Growth and Equilibrium', New Hungarian Quarterly , vo\. 26, no. 98, 1 98 5 , pp. 1 8-26, and R. Nyers and M. Tardos, 'The Necessity for Consolidation of the Economy and the Possibility of Development in Hungary', Acta Oeconomica , vo\. 32, nos 1 -2, 1 984, pp. 1 - 1 9, and B. Csik6s-Nagy, 'A N e w Phase in the Hungarian Economic 1 1. 1 2. 13. 14. 15. Reform: 1 984-87', New Hungarian Quarterly , vo\. 25, no. 96, 1 984, pp. 2 1 - 3 2 . Cf. B . A . Racz, 'Recent Developments i n Hungarian Enterprise Demo­ cracy', Soviet Studies , vo\.

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