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By Carmine D. Clemente PhD

Clemente's Anatomy Dissector, 3rd Edition, is a finished handbook of anatomical dissection, prepared into 38 chapters protecting small, discrete parts of the human physique. each one bankruptcy is designed to face on my own, in order that teachers can simply adapt the cloth to their hottest dissection sequence.

The ebook presents extra in-depth and special motives for every dissection than the other lab guide, allowing scholars to self-teach. It correlates floor anatomy to anatomical buildings published within the dissections, that is vital for scientific correlation. each web page is cross-referenced to the most recent variants of Clemente's, Grant's, Netter's and Rohen's anatomy atlases.

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35 C. Superficial Veins and Cutaneous Nerves. Isolate and clean the cephalic vein laterally in the arm (ATLAS PLATES 36, 68). On the medial side of the limb, clean the basilic vein in the superficial fascia. Follow it distally to the dorsal hand and proximally to the middle of the arm where it penetrates the deep fascia (ATLAS PLATES 36, 68). ᮤ Grant’s 542, 547, 551 Netter’s 436, 439, 476 Rohen 474, 475, 497 ᮣ Grant’s 484, 490, 530 Netter’s 479–481 Rohen 398, 400, 419 Find the medial antebrachial cutaneous nerve (Figure 5-2) by probing the superficial fascia where the basilic vein penetrates the deep fascia.

4 Dissect the structures in the cubital fossa. 5 Dissect the anterior compartment of the forearm. 6 Identify the tendons, vessels, and nerves at the anterior wrist. 3 Dissect the anterior compartment of the arm. ATLAS KEY: rounded contour of the shoulder below the acromion (ATLAS PLATE 115). It moves with the humerus when the arm is rotated, but the acromion does not. Clemente Atlas, 6th Edition = Atlas Plate # Grant’s Atlas, 12th Edition = Grant’s Page # Netter’s Atlas, 4th Edition = Netter’s Plate # Feel a small depression, the infraclavicular fossa, just below the lateral end of the clavicle.

2); and the lateral angle consists of the intertubercular groove or sulcus (bicipital groove) on the surgical neck of the humerus. 4. Teres major: its tendon is located deep to that of the latissimus dorsi and with the subscapularis forms the posterior axillary fold (ATLAS PLATES 58, 60). A. Identify the Following Muscles Associated With the Axillary Region. 5. Serratus anterior: extends from the upper 8 or 9 ribs to the medial (or vertebral) border of the scapula (Figure 3-2). Probe its lateral surface longitudinally and find the long thoracic nerve (C5, C6, and C7).

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