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By Gienna Matson, Jeremy Roberts

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He could be cured only by finding her. When he did locate her, she was in the form of a swan. Nevertheless, it was love at first sight for both. Angus also took on the form of a swan in order to be united with his love. ” For example, Cáer Feddwid is the name for an Otherworld city in Welsh narratives. Caibellâ•… A ruler of the Sídh, a fairy mound leading to the Otherworld. Two mortal kings wanted to marry his daughter and the daughter of his friend Etar. Their suit led to a war between the deities and the human kings.

Overwhelmed by a desire to return to Ériu, the brothers brought the treasures back to Lugh. Still he refused to show them mercy but sent them out on the final leg of their quest, to make three shouts upon the fiercely guarded hill. The brothers of Tuireann fought bravely against the keepers of the hill, but all three were mortally wounded in the fight. With their last breath the three brothers raised a shout upon the hill. Having met Lugh’s final requirement, they died an honorable death. Bricriuâ•… A poison-tongued Ulster champion sometimes called a poet or a satirist.

She founded a convent and church in Kildare. Brigit (Brighid, Brid, Brigid)â•… An Irish goddess of many names, many regions, and many virtues. In Wales, she is known as Bride. In Britain, she is called Brigantia. ” Brigit is the goddess of fire, fertil- 22 Brown Bull of Ulster ity, cattle, crops, and healing. She is also a goddess of poetry, worshiped by poets. She may even be a mother goddess. One side of her face is lovely while the other is ugly. Brigit was the daughter of the father god Dagda.

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