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By Caroline Fourest

Tariq Ramadan is an international phenomenon. A Swiss-born Muslim activist, he's the grandson of the founding father of the Muslim Brotherhood, the unconventional workforce credited with inspiring glossy Islamic radicalism. Ramadan is fluent in English, French and Arabic. In Europe, he's the main quoted and circulated author on Islam. His writings are a customary characteristic of significant English-speaking newspapers, yet his genuine message is printed in his speeches to Muslim teams in France, Africa, and the center East. Caroline Fourest has conscientiously transcribed and translated these speeches and exhibits that Ramdan's creative rhetoric is a computer virus, fostering the anti-Semitic and anti-Christian values of fundamentalist Islam on its newest battlefield: Western civilization.

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Are we to conclude that their primary mission was to combat obesity? All of the Islamic movements active in the field function in this same way: they systematically fill the smallest gaps left by the state by proposing courses in Arabic, remedial instruction or humanitarian aid-not out of the goodness of their hearts, but in order to recruit. The Brotherhood's totalitarianism does not appear to have come as much of a shock to Tariq Ramadan. e. to choose an Islamic regime. "41 Ramadan quotes his grandfather to prove how right he was to encourage Islamic education, while at the same time refusing pluralism and democracy for as long as it took for this education to take effect.

The manifesto was, for many years, available only in Arabic, until the journal Islam de France decided to publish it in French, so as to enlighten all those who, misled by the angelic presentation ofthe text given by Tariq Ramadan, were ignorant of the basically fundamentalist and reactionary nature of the Muslim Brotherhood. The publication of this program, which proved to be quite different from the version that Ramadan had spread among the antiglobalization leftists, was by no means welcomed by al-Banna's grandson.

The Brotherhood's participation in the struggle for independence has, in addition, been considerably exaggerated by the movement's propaganda. But even in the course of their attempts to falsify history, certain partisans of the Brotherhood revealed the extent to which al-Banna was, above all, obsessed by the idea of re-instituting Islamic values. To that end, he was prepared to negotiate with any government whatsoever. In 1946, for instance, he was in the thick of negotiations to obtain the right to publish a daily, and to acquire land on which to construct his propaganda centers, when the communists sparked off a massive wave of strikes in the Cairo textile industry in order to force the British to leave the country.

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