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By Murney Gerlach

While there are various works on British liberalism, this is often the 1st to deal considerably with the transatlantic and foreign context of liberalism. Murney Gerlach considers the transatlantic considered popular modern figures reminiscent of William Gladstone, John Morley, William Harcourt, and Andrew Carnegie. This publication is an engaging account that paves the best way for the political and social rapprochement of the twentieth century.

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Eliot, the President of Harvard University; and the New York journalist Edwin Godkin – were all to become lifelong friends. ‘Bryce felt an unusual affinity with these people. In many respects, they were the exact counterpart of the liberals he liked and admired at home. 119 On the whole, Bryce was inspired by the merits of American institutions. For him, there were many obvious similarities between the United States and Great Britain. ’121 American politics was perhaps the most difficult American topic for an Englishman to understand, but Bryce was fortunate in his opportunities.

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