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By J. M. Lehman, Jennifer M. Lehmann, M. Lehmann Jennifer M. Lehmann

Hardbound. Reflecting the cultural range in severe idea, present views in Social concept provides paintings from various theoretical traditions demonstrating the issues of sociological theorizing. quantity 21 echoes a present development through publishing articles that re-examine Marx, Althusser and Gramsci.

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Dunayevskaya comments that Stalin broke the dialectical structure of Marx' s work by ordering that Chapter 1 not be taught. Stalin thereby perverted Marx's concept of history "from the class struggle in the specifically capitalistic world of commodity production to a Law of Value that supposedly existed before capitalism and will continue to exist under socialism". She then connects Althusser to Stalin by recalling that Althusser had advised workers "not to begin reading Capital with Chapter One" and by claiming he was "repeating Stalin's 1943 order" (p.

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