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By Bernard Cottret

In flip, Tory minister, Jacobite renegade, English thinker and anti-minister, Bolingbroke has elicited combined reactions from his compatriots, either contempories and historians. Bernard Cottret discusses the following his political writings within the context of up to date inspiration in England and France. His analyses of 'A' Dissertation upon events' and 'The notion of a Patriot King' are supported by means of a whole mid-eighteenth-century political idea.

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38 But this having failed, he contemplated the accession of Prince Frederick as the best possible solution. Though foreign born, Frederick Louis (1707-51) was the most acceptable of the Hanoverians. His quarrels with his father George II contributed to his favourable image for Bolingbroke. ' 39 Contrary to the apparent consensus advocated by the Dissertation, the 'lettre' to Matignon depicts innumerable gradations among Walpole's opponents. According to the 'lettre', there existed three main tendencies or vues particulieres: Old Jacobites, 'opportunists', and a third group including the majority of the nation - le gros de la nation.

The political essays had been originally written before 1741, shortly after Bolingbroke's Dissertation. P. Zagorin, The Court and the Country (London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1969), p. 13. This theory has been recently criticised by C. Hill, 'The Word "Revolution" in Seventeenth-century England', For Veronica Wedgwood, eds R. Ollard and P. Tudor-Craig (London: Collins, 1986), pp. 134-51. D. Clark, Revolution and Rebellion (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1986), p. 3. B. Croce, LA storia come pensiero e come azione (Bari: Laterza, 1978), p.

Granville, Baron Lansdowne, Dover, 27 March 1715. H. ), Selections from Clarendon (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1978), pp. 121-2. A Letter to Sir William Windham (1717), CW, vol. I, p. 8. Bolingbroke, Letters and Correspondence, 4 vols (London, 1798), vol. II, p. 484: Bolingbroke to Lord Strafford, 23 July 1712. See note 1. Bodleian Library, Oxford, Rawlinson Mss A 311, f. 15: 'The articles agt the Ld Bol. sent from London Mar. the 16th 1716 .. ',B. Cottret, Great Expectations 12. 13. 14. 15.

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