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By David A. Ricks

This re-creation of error in foreign company is considerably up-to-date and revised, filled with attention-grabbing anecdotes, together with dozens of latest foreign company errors. David Ricks has exposed many informative and unique error that may make this ebook demanding to place down.

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Packages that require long-distance shipping must be capable of withstanding the journey. Many companies have endeavored to export their products only to witness the return of crushed and partially empty containers. Others have tried to ship perishable goods by means requiring months for delivery. Still others have placed the goods in packages unable to withstand moisture (or other unique conditions). In one such case, a firm in Taiwan shipped some drinking glasses to the Middle East. The company used wooden crates and padded the glasses with hay.

S. and European markets. Unfortunately, the engineers failed to realize that standard paper sizes vary. Therefore, the copier would not work using standard European paper. Hasty modifications were made, but not without extra costs. Marketing its liquid detergents in Europe proved to be a challenge for Procter & Gamble as European washing machines dispense powdered detergents. Adapters to the machines were not a feasible option because each brand of machine required a different design. Procter & Gamble eventually came up with the solution: a plastic ball was supplied with each bottle of detergent.

Problems arose because the pronunciation of the word “four” in Japanese also sounds like the Japanese word for “death”. The number four, therefore, is considered undesirable, and items grouped into fours simply don’t sell well. (The number seven is a particularly tricky number. It is considered good luck 32 PRODUCTION in many countries, but bad luck in others. S. airlines with routes between Japan and Hawaii initially experienced very erratic success. Some days the flights were fully booked while other days the planes flew nearly empty.

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