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By Theo M. Nieuwenhuizen

Already Einstein may by no means see quantum mechanics as a whole thought. these days, many researchers, together with 't Hooft, view quantum mechanics as a statistical description of a few underlying truth. The workshop "Beyond the Quantum", equipped in Spring 2006 on the Lorentz middle in Leiden, The Netherlands, used to be one of many first conferences thoroughly dedicated to physics that may wish an evidence past quantum mechanics. A extensive number of topics used to be coated. the current booklet displays this.

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This assumption is safe for weak interactions. In the gravitational case, on the other hand, the scale of interest is the Planck length and there is no physical basis to pre-suppose that the continuum approximation should be valid down to that scale. The failure of the standard perturbative treatments may largely be due to this grossly incorrect assumption and a non-perturbative treatment which correctly incorporates the physical micro-structure of geometry may well be free of these inconsistencies.

In standard quantum mechanics, Fock states have no well defined relative phase: initially, no transverse spin polarization exists in the system. The theory predicts that it is only under the effect of quantum measurement that the states acquire a well defined relative phase, giving rise to a transverse polarization. This is similar to an EPR situation with pairs of individual spins (EPRB), where spins acquire a well defined spin direction under the effect of measurement - except that here the transverse polarization involves an arbitrary number of spins and may be macroscopic.

P is related to the scale factor a via a2 = |p|. However, p is not restricted to be positive; under p → −p the metric remains unchanged but the spatial triad flips the orientation. The pair (c, p) is ‘canonically conjugate’ in the sense that the only non-zero Poisson bracket is given by: {c, p} = 8πGγ , 3 (1) where as before γ is the Barbero-Immirzi parameter. Since a precise quantum mechanical framework was not available for full geometrodynamics, in the Wheeler-DeWitt quantum cosmology one focused just on the reduced model, without the benefit of guidance from the full theory.

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