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By Laura Flanders

Fresh 342-page exchange softcover anthology of articles in regards to the Tea occasion Movement's ramifications.

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JW: Meaning M-E-D-I-A? S: Right. Most people vote according to how they are influenced by the media. Ever since back in the Fifties I could read the newspapers, MONGREL POLITICS AND AN AMERICAN MIND 47 I didn’t care who won the elections, I was not political, I never voted for 30 or 40 years, but I could tell who was gonna win the elections. All I had to do was open the newspaper, The New York Times, and I’d say, well, look, they favor Johnson more than they do Goldwater; Johnson’s gotta win. I didn’t know why, but ever since then I have been thinkin’ about it.

JW: Well, I guess some Germans might say it’s their heritage, but … K2: No ma’am, the swastika is a Norse symbol for good luck. JW: Fine, yes, and you see it also in Native American art, and … K2: And it’s been twisted. JW: Well, has it been twisted? I mean, if Adolf Hitler made it his flag, doesn’t that sort of trump everything else? MONGREL POLITICS AND AN AMERICAN MIND 43 Mr. Stewart: The media define every social issue to suit their agenda. They don’t like the Confederate fight for independence; they change the meanin’ of the flag so that a fight for freedom becomes a fight for slavery.

The crowed cheered loudly when Ingraham said they were all “right-wing extremists,” referring to a Homeland Security report warning of danger from disgruntled conservatives. But the people at the Party had a more diffuse set of issues. Holding an American flag with a plastic rattlesnake wrapped around the pole, a “don’t tread on me” flag that also featured a rattlesnake and a box labeled “tea,” Ed Walsh, an electrician from Fairfax Station, Virginia, said he was most worried about the Federal Reserve.

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