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Jewish Women in Fin de Siecle Vienna (Jewish History, Life and Culture)

Regardless of a lot examine of Viennese tradition and Judaism among 1890 and 1914, little learn has been performed to envision the function of Jewish girls during this milieu. Rescuing a misplaced legacy, Jewish girls in Fin de Si? cle Vienna explores the myriad ways that Jewish ladies contributed to the advance of Viennese tradition and took part broadly in politics and cultural spheres.

The Jewish Dark Continent: Life and Death in the Russian Pale of Settlement

On the flip of the 20th century, over 40 percentage of the world’s Jews lived in the Russian Empire, just about all within the light of payment. From the Baltic to the Black Sea, the Jews of the light created a particular lifestyle little identified past its borders. This led the historian Simon Dubnow to label the territory a Jewish “Dark Continent.

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