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There's a good deal at stake for everybody sooner or later of Arab tv. Political and social upheavals during this crucial yet unsettled area are more and more performed out on tv monitors and within the tussles over programming that ensue in the back of them. Al-Jazeera is naturally just one participant between a still-growing throng of satellite tv for pc channels, which now comprise inner most terrestrial stations in a few Arab states.  it's an urgently desiring to be made feel of; this booklet does precisely this in a truly readable and authoritative approach, via exploring and explaining the evolving constructions and content material offerings in either leisure and information of latest Arab tv. It exhibits how vendors, traders, reporters, presenters, creation businesses, advertisers, regulators and media freedom advocates effect one another in a geolinguistic market that encompasses the Arab area itself and groups overseas.  Probing inner and exterior interventions within the Arab tv panorama, the ebook deals a well timed and compelling sequel to Naomi Sakr's 'Satellite nation-states: Transnational tv, Globalization and the center East', which gained the center japanese reports e-book Prize in 2003.     

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57 Even L AW A N D P OL IC Y O N OW N E R S H I P A N D C O N T E N T 33 as late as August 2006, after various attempts to upgrade news reporting within Egypt’s ERTU, Nile News coverage of a train crash north of Cairo gave airtime to officials who promised future safety improvements but shied away from comment or analysis of previous safety lapses and why they had occurred. Examples like these illustrate the potential of competition among terrestrial stations as a means to keep national audiences informed about national or local issues.

22 In July 2002, Kamel Abu Jaber and another HMC board member resigned in frustration. Mohammad al-Adwan, minister of information at the time, expressed no regrets. 23 Finally, at the end of 2002, the king issued another royal decree reviving the HMC and instructing its head and the prime minister to work together to encourage independent media institutions. 24 Not surprisingly, when Jordan’s Audiovisual Commission was established under Provisional Law No. 25 A further royal decree, issued in November 2003, authorized the prime minister to delegate responsibility for the commission to another minister.

28 The committee was headed by the minister of information, Yasser Abed Rabbo, and included the information ministry’s director of publications, Hani al-Masri, along with representatives of the ministries of interior, telecommunications, culture, finance and economy and trade, plus legal and technical experts, including the technical director of AETV. Hani al-Masri was named as the person to whom applications for a ‘temporary licence’ should be submitted. 29 All three ministries were involved in regulation thereafter.

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