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By Christ Spurgeon

This accomplished advent explores the evolving dating among new media, advertisements and new media shoppers. Tracing the shift from 'mass' to 'my' media, ads and New Media severely evaluates the social and cultural implications of elevated interactivity and purchaser creativity for the way forward for ads, with examples drawn from america, the united kingdom, Europe, Australia and the peoples Republic of China.Features contain: evaluate of consumer-generated ads, together with the Coke Mentos phenomenon, and comparative research of the Dove ‘Real good looks’ and Axe/Lynx ‘Effect’ campaigns interviews with practitioners, offering first-hand insights at the effect of recent media on advertisements.

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Where BMW Films modelled convergence for the advertising and the film industry, an earlier partnership between Sting and Jaguar modelled convergence for the advertising and the music industries, even though this partnership came about by accident rather than design. The video clip, produced in 2000 for the title single from Sting’s album, Desert Rose, featured the pop star being chauffeured through the desert in an S-Type Jaguar. On previewing the clip, Sting’s manager realized that they had unintentionally produced an ad for Jaguar.

The Long Tail of new, networked media markets is a major development for an informational approach to advertising, just as the convergence of Madison and Vine is for creative approaches. Both trends have had important impacts on commercial media. They have contributed to rapid changes in the types of advertisers attracted to newspapers and commercial television, as well as the ways in which they use these media. They have also stimulated rapid growth in new, online, commercial media and entertainment forms.

Although the internet ultimately won out, the Minitel initiative also provided a model for addressing the various limitations of hard copy directories, including their bulk, high production and distribution costs, and problems of disposal. Database-driven, networked solutions to these problems offered a number of advantages, such as timely updating rather than updating dictated by the demands of an annual production cycle. They also paved the way for this form of public information service to be transformed into a significant new commercial media asset in a competitive telecommunications market.

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