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By Daniel L. Purich

The Advances in Enzymology and similar components of Molecular Biology Series is among the so much prestigious within the box, dedicated to the most recent developments in molecular biology and enzymology. every one quantity of the sequence comprises contributions from best professionals within the box. below Dr. Purich's editorship, which begun with quantity seventy two, the sequence has improved its insurance to incorporate thematic volumes targeting particular study parts, in addition to non-thematic volumes along with chapters with a extra normal charm.

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Much has been accomplished on the fixation of carbon dioxide by pigeon liver in the oxidation of pyruvate, because the groundwork had been laid by bacterial studies, and the course of action to be followed waa apparent. The scope of fixation by animal tissues haa by no means been completely probed, and it is very probable that carbon dioxide will be found to have a function in a number of physiological processes. The same outline will be followed in considering the mechanism of 6xation by animal tissue as was used for bacteria, i.

There is good evidence that carbon dioxide is fixed by a Ca and C1 addition; however, assuming that fixation does occur by Csand C1addition, the elucidation of the actual mechanism is difficult even with the use of isotopes. The evidence that there is fixation by Cs and C1 addition will be considered first, and then preliminary studies will be discussed of what is believed to be the initial reaction of carbon dioxide fixation. The formation of succinic acid, particularly, is believed to involve Csand CI addition.

Page 158). The present statw of evidence relative to the actual mechanism of the fixation reaction is outlined below. It should be emphasized that the uncertainty aa to the mechanism of Ct and CIaddition in no way alters the evidence (51,62) that there is such a fixation. The question is not so much whether it occurs, but how it occurs. Krebs’ (66) statement: “This (Evane and Slotin’s demonstration of fixed carbon in a-ketoglutarate) cornpletee the proof of the occurrence of reaction (9) (COOH-CO-CH, COI = COOH.

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