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A debatable examine the social politics of equality and cultural politics of difference.The cave in of communism, the increase of identification politics, and struggles over worldwide governance have mixed to create new demanding situations for the Left: tips on how to do justice to valid claims for multiculturalism and democratization with out forsaking the Left's historic-and nonetheless indispensable-commitment to financial equality? easy methods to develop the certainty of injustice by means of including cultural and political insult to monetary damage? including Insult to damage tracks the controversy sparked through Nancy Fraser's arguable attempt to mix redistribution, popularity, and illustration in a brand new realizing of social justice. the amount showcases Fraser's serious exchanges with prime thinkers, together with Judith Butler, Richard Rorty, Iris Marion younger, Anne Phillips, and Rainer Frost. the result's a wide-ranging and from time to time contentious exploration of assorted methods to rebuilding the Left.

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The collapse of the Soviet Union was occasioned by its continuing war against the self-directed nature of life. While the works of creative individuals make up so much of the substance of our culture, their efforts depended upon conditions that encouraged—or at least did not discourage—their efforts. The marketplace system of voluntary transactions facilitated exchanges that allowed people to benefit exponentially from one another’s efforts. To the degree respect for the principles of property ownership prevailed, men and women enjoyed the means for acting freely within the world.

The Constitution neither protects individuals, nor empowers government: state power is now grounded in pure usurpation. Truth-telling; respect for the obligations of contracts; stable currencies; and a willingness to overcome immediate time preferences—all of which are necessary for longer-term investments—are qualities in decline in our world. The lies that precipitated wars in Afghanistan and Iraq no longer trouble most Americans, who seem prepared to accept a new set of official falsehoods about Iran; courts have long been willing to rewrite—or refuse to enforce—contracts they deem “unfair” to one of the parties; while inflationary monetary policies encourage short-term time preferences among both investors and consumers.

But because we must act in the present in anticipation of desired consequences, we need all the truth we can get. Lies, deceptions, inaccuracies, and other errors, compound the difficulties associated with the pursuit of efficacious behavior in an inherently uncertain world. The well-being of both individuals and societies are restrained by incorrect information, a fact that can be quickly confirmed by any physician. While the health of individuals and civilizations depends upon the value of truth, all political systems are firmly grounded in lies, illusions, and false promises.

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