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By Christopher M Norris PhD MSc MCSP

Functional guide combines conventional chinese language and Western acupuncture with smooth physiotherapy innovations. contains illustrations and scientific suggestions. remedy protocols also are integrated. For execs drawn to the topic. Softcover. DNLM: Acupuncture issues.

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Toothache. Pain and redness of the eyes. Sore throat. Lower abdominal pain. Pain in the anterior leg. Pain in the eyes. Nosebleed. Lesions of the lips and mouth. Abdominal distension. Pain is the posterior mandibular region and lower cheek. Pain and coldness along the inside of the thigh and knee. Oedema of the legs and feet. Muscle wasting/weakness of the limbs. Digestive problems. Pain in the scapular region and medial forearm. Pain in the back. Fullness and pain in the chest and lateral costal region.

1. Segment of spinal cord showing C and A fibre routes. (Reproduced with permission from White, 1999) The impulses from the SG travel in the spinoreticular tract on the opposite side of the spinal cord to the reticular formation of the brain. The reticular formation can be considered as the arousal system of the brain and is thought to play a large part in integrating feelings of pain with its behavioural response (White, 1999). From here, the nociceptive stimuli pass to the thalamus and then to the cerebral cortex.

Pain and heaviness show the presence of damp, blocking qi and/or blood. Sign of sudden obstruction of qi by substantial pathogen. Spasmodic in nature and of short duration. Caused by wind and usually related to the liver. Burning together with a preference for cold. Due to invasion of collaterals by pathogenic heat, or excessive yang heat due to yin deficiency. Together with a preference for warmth. Due to pathogenic cold blocking the collaterals or lack of warmth/ nourishment of organs by qi. Slight pain which lingers for long periods, showing cold syndrome of deficiency type.

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