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By Robert Dalang, Davar Khoshnevisan, Carl Mueller, David Nualart, Yimin Xiao, Firas Rassoul-Agha

In might 2006, The college of Utah hosted an NSF-funded minicourse on stochastic partial differential equations. The objective of this minicourse was once to introduce graduate scholars and up to date Ph.D.s to varied glossy themes in stochastic PDEs, and to compile numerous specialists whose learn is headquartered at the interface among Gaussian research, stochastic research, and stochastic partial differential equations. This monograph includes an up to date compilation of lots of these lectures. specific emphasis is paid to showcasing relevant principles and exhibiting a few of the many deep connections among the pointed out disciplines, forever conserving a practical speed for the scholar of the subject.

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90) Therefore, we will get H¨older-continuity provided that we can establish an estimate of the following type for some γ > 0 and ρ > 0: J(t , x ; s, y) ≤ c(|t − s|γ + |x − y|ρ ). Indeed, this will establish γ21 -H¨older continuity in time, and nuity in space, for all γ1 ∈ ]0 , γ[ and ρ1 ∈ ]0 , ρ[. (91) ρ1 older 2 -H¨ conti- Analysis of J(t , x ; s , y) If there were no absolute values around the increments of G, then we could use the Fourier transform to rewrite J(t , x ; s , y), in the case x = y and s > t, for instance, as s J(t , x ; s , x) = dr R2 0 μ(dη) |F G(t − r)(η) − F G(s − r)(η)|2 (92) t + dr R2 s μ(dη) |F G(t − r)(η)| .

Let L be a partial differential operator with constant coefficients. A basic example is the wave operator ∂2f (10) Lf = 2 − Δf. ∂t Then there is a (Schwartz) distribution G ∈ S (R+ × Rd ) such that the solution of the PDE (11) L u = ϕ, ϕ ∈ S (Rd ), is ∗ ϕ u = G (t,x) (12) ∗ denotes convolution in the (t , x)-variables. We recall that S (Rd ) where (t,x) denotes the space of smooth test functions with rapid decrease, and S (R+ × Rd ) denotes the space of tempered distributions [15]. The Stochastic Wave Equation 43 When G is a function, this convolution can be written u(t , x) = R+ ×Rd G(t − s , x − y) ϕ(s , y) ds dy.

Moreover, we have by (128) and (134): For all t, t ∈ [0 , T ] and x, x ∈ [0 , L], 2 p E |U (x , t) − U (x , t )| p ≤ A |(x , t) − (x , t )| . 13, page 14) together prove that U has a modification which is continuous, in our inhomogeneous norm on (x , t), of any order < 1. Because our norm is equivalent to the usual Euclidean norm, this proves continuity in the ordinary sense. 9. Complete the proof. Be certain that you understand why we have derived H¨ older continuity. For example, prove that there is a modification of our solution which is H¨ older continuous in x of any given order < 12 ; and it is H¨ older continuous in t of any given order < 14 .

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