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By Zev Chafets

Over the process a unprecedented 12 months, Zev Chafets—former ny day-by-day information columnist and onetime director of the Israeli executive press office—traveled the area to discover the inconceivable confluence of Jews and evangelicals. He spent caliber time with Jerry Falwell, visited Jewish cadets at West element, attended the world's greatest Christian retail express, launched into a highway journey with the rabbi with the most important gentile following when you consider that Jesus, journeyed to the Holy Land with a band of repentant Christian pilgrims, and broke bread with George W. Bush and fellow Jewish Republicans. A fit Made in Heaven is the penetrating, enticing, and infrequently hilarious narrative of Chafets's made up our minds quest to get to the foundation of a truly severe query: Why do evangelicals help Israel so strongly? equivalent components historical past, comedy, travelogue, and political tract, it's a clever and adventurous odyssey alongside a swiftly altering spiritual and political border.

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Reform converts are encouraged not to practice other religions. But no one gets into the tribe, let alone heaven, with a cell phone call to the secretary. C h r i s t i a n Z i o n i s t s t e n d to downplay the degree to which converting Jews is important to them. This is especially true when they are dealing with the Israeli government, which, because of the pivotal importance of its clerical political parties, is sensitive to the Orthodox horror of missionaries. This, in turn, sometimes leads to misunderstandings.

Hagee, for his part, sent a letter to the editor of the Jerusalem Post affirming that if Jews inquire about Christianity, “we give 56 among the christians them a full scriptural presentation of redemption as presented in scripture. ” Rabbi Scheinberg had inadvertently let an evangelical cat out of the bag. Falwell, Hagee, and other advocates of Judeo-Christian partnership had, over the years, adopted what amounts to a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy in dealing with Jews. For evangelical Zionists, it is the price of admission with Israeli politicians, and it is based on the tacit assumption that, in the matter of the conversion of the Jews, God will work things out for himself.

Before I could answer, Reverend Hunt was upon 28 among the christians me. He had a keen expression and held a banana in his hand. ” “Two hundred and three times! ” I emitted a low whistle. ” he demanded. “In the Bible? Twelve times! ” Hunt took a healthy bite of his banana. ” He punctuated the question with a hard swallow. ” said Hunt. “None. Come to my lecture this afternoon. ” “I’ll probably be there,” I said, guiltily; I hated to lie to a man of the cloth. But this evidently satisfied Hunt. “Remember, two hundred and three times,” he called after me as I walked away.

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