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By David Ray Griffin

I believe it is extremely ridiculous to imagine our executive could wipe out over
3000 TAXPAYERS and TAXPAYING businesses, or provide significant tax writeoffs to the
damaged companies.
Now, if it have been homeless shelters or govt housing projects--that I
may think. Our govt cannot squeeze a lot funds out of the negative and would
be keen to sacrafice them. the folks within the Towers, the planes and the
Pentagon have been in most cases the kind of wallets the govenment values.
Our executive values not anything over our cash.

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There’s that bogus moral equivalence again. "There was a time when a lot of Southern blacks were moving from Florida and South Carolina into the Rochester area looking for jobs and they went through the same cycles of discrimination and having to fight back and get a foothold. 50 I include the remarks from Sheppard and Walker-Cowart not because they are true, but because Marlin Newburn is calling bull on every single word of it. Newburn has been on the front lines of racial violence for 30 years, most recently as a prison psychologist.

Not all of the episodes of racial violence in Rochester involve large mobs. Smaller episodes of black mob violence on video are as prevalent in Rochester as anywhere. In this video, a white child is beaten and his bike is stolen by a group of black people. Then they came back and beat him some more. So there were at least six black people there watching and recording and laughing. 55 You tell me. How many are responsible? The Rochester City Newspaper does not like the mobs. Not at all. 56 The problem is bigger than a few rowdy youth congregating at the Liberty Pole.

56 The problem is bigger than a few rowdy youth congregating at the Liberty Pole. Ask members of the Red Shirts— retired police officers who patrol downtown — and they’ll tell you how they have to escort some downtown office workers outside because gangs of young people taunt and harass them as they leave their buildings. Out-of-control young people also shut down a carnival in Greece, delayed the opening of Seabreeze Amusement Park, and made for a scary and chaotic situation at the Lilac Festival.

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